Monday, 11 December 2017


The steps of insecurity: Comparison, Compensation, Competition, Compulsion, Condemnation, control."     - unknown

 “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel."  - Steve Furtick

We live in a world where almost everything is faked and almost everyone is fake. The competition is so high, and most times it feels like the world is closing in on you.

We worry what other people think about us, we worry if we’re good-looking enough, we worry that we’re not doing all that we should be, we worry that we’ll fail, we worry that people will find out we’re a fraud. We worry that we’re too fat, worry if she’ll like us, worry if he likes that other girl, worry that we’re not good enough.

There are so many things that trigger insecurity; it could be a part of your body, a scar, the way you see yourself, the kind of people you associate with. Being insecure has absolutely nothing to do with being rich or poor, because there are a lot of poor people with high confidence and wealthy insecure people.

Before you can handle your insecurities, you need to know what triggers it, what makes you feel less of yourself. 

Let's do a little exercise before we proceed with how to handle your insecurities....

* Take out a notepad and write out all the bad things you feel about yourself, your scars, past mistakes, everything that makes you feel lesser than anyone else.

* Write down all the great things you feel about yourself, what you've accomplished, who you've helped along the way, things you want to accomplish, write down everything great going on in your life.

* Now compare the both write ups. How do you feel?

* Burn the notepad with the negative things on it. And keep the notepad with the positive things where you'd see it daily or when ever you feel low.

Some of the things that cause insecurities :

1) Negative self image : when you've been criticized by people over the years, you start to criticize yourself. And you never get to see how amazing you are and the great things you can accomplish because you're stuck with "what will people think?"

2) Self hate : Until you learn to love and appreciate everything about yourself, you'd be stuck comparing yourself with everyone and everything that crosses your path.

3) Fear of failure : a lot of people base their happiness on how they succeed in life. I used to fall in this category until I realized that I'm the source of my happiness and I didn't fail, I just didn't succeed at the moment and I can try again.

How can you handle your insecurities? 

1) Self acceptance : you have to love and accept yourself no matter what. No one will appreciate you if you don't appreciate yourself.

2) Practice non comparison : stop comparing yourself with everyone. We're all going through different life difficulties, but how we handle it determines how strong or weak we are. Don't compare your life with someone else's social media life.

3) Be true to yourself.

"In life, there is always someone out there, who won't like you, for whatever reason, don't let the insecurities in their lives affect yours. " 

                                              - Rashida Rowe 

" No one is perfect. Even the most confident people have insecurities. At some point in our lives, we may feel we lack something. That is reality. We must try to live as per our capability.  "
                           -Anil Sinha
We need to understand that no one is perfect and every day we wake up is a new opportunity to do all we ever want to do in life. 



  1. Woooooowwwwwww........ I pray 1 day u realize how much dis post has blessed me.thank u hon.

    1. Hey Racheal I'm so glad this post is a blessing to you and I pray I'd realize the impact of this post in your life sooner than later. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Go girl!.....really people deal with insecurities which makes them become a shadow of themselves...your post is really an inspiration to those who are battling with this....thanks boo

    1. Thanks for dropping by hon. I'm glad to know my posts are inspirational to people.