Monday, 1 May 2017


 OK, so last week Saturday, I got to work with an event planner and I tell you, it was the longest most beautiful Saturday I've had in a long while.I literally stood, worked, organized, re-arranged, put things together, took instructions and gave instructions for 12 hours. By the time I was done and got back to my apartment, I could only think of a warm bath and sleep.

Now let's talk about this beautiful wedding, the couple expected 200 guests, but y'all know how Nigerian weddings can be right? Over 300 guests showed up! Now, imagine if the event planner didn't consider all this and planned for more guests? there probably would have been chaos or when the guests go home they'd be like ''enh, don't mind them after all the noise they made about the wedding common jellof rice they didn't even serve us, what of water? hmm, that's a story for another day o jare humph''. You know we Nigerians don't joke with our jellof rice naw, that's the most important thing for a wedding and every other occasion. This event planner I worked with had everything planned out. From the food service to the drinks. to making sure the couple and the guests were comfortable and got all the wanted. The wedding was a mini fairy tale.

You know, I have always been a wedding guest. I never had an idea of the stress it took to make the hall look so beautiful, or what it took to clean up everything at the end of the day. I got to be a part of all that this time around. It was interesting at first, but by the 6th  hour, I was exhausted (bless God I listened to that little voice in my head and wore a flat shoe! Imagine I was on heels?), my leg was aching and I just needed to lay down for a minute or two. Now, by the 9th hour, my left leg went numb. Like I couldn't feel my leg, I started cursing in my mind and asking myself who sent me! I told myself, I won't be doing any event planning work again, in fact after now, I'd tell the event planner ''I no do again''. Hehe, but when I got my pay? oh well, we all curse at the rough stages in life don't we? I even asked when there'd be another work cause I can't wait to show all my skills at that one too.....

Long story short, the wedding was beautiful, there was plenty to eat and drink, I guess the guests went home satisfied, the couple went home happy, the protocol management guys made sure the hall was in order and security was guaranteed, while we stayed back to make sure the hall was back to normal.
It was an experience I can't wait to have again, but less stressful I hope. I finally got home, had my bath and totally forgot about the sleep I longed to have, I instead watched a movie before dozing off.

Event planner : Eventsdeglamour (IG. Handle)
Event Protocol Management : Cube_guard (IG Handle)

Have you done any event planning work? or worked as an usher? or anything event related? I'd love to know about your experience....


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