Happy Easter lovelies. Hope it was a wonderful celebration at your end? I didn’t do anything today, except praise God and I ate a lovely meal of Jellof rice with chicken and I stayed in bed for the rest of the day.

I’m not here to share how I had a boring Easter day, let’s talk about the night before Easter……

 So my friend invited me for this crazy ass party, and I can be boring when it comes to parties, before the invite gets to me everyone knows my reply will be ‘No’. So, when I said ‘Yes’ it was a big surprise to everyone.  I planned on having the best time of my night you know.  I scanned my wardrobe over and over again looking for something sexy yet not slutty till I eventually got to this beautiful black gown (my new obsession for black outfits might be questioned in the nearest future, cause I literally gave away all my colored outfits and got myself a wardrobe filled with all black outfits. If you stay longer on the blog, you just might get to know why I have a new obsession with black) and decided I’d accessorize with white. Then came the white bangle and the white purse and the white sandals, viola your gal is ready for the party!

As much as I’d love to give the full details of how the night went down, I wouldn’t want to bore you. Just know there was a lot of drinking and dancing and meeting new people and it was fun. I’m glad I said ‘Yes’ to this invite cause it really was worth it.
How did you spend your Easter? What did you do the night before Easter? Let’s share our different adventures in the comment section.


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