March 18, 2017

Confession time everyone!
So, I've literally been stalking this ladies since I started blogging, I remember contacting Onyinye Ibeagi of Modavracha to ask for some advice before starting out my blog and she was of great help. I sent her a DM on twitter and she replied ASAP. Well, after talking with her, the birth of Ufashions blog came about.

I made a list of my fave bloggers early last year, if you missed it click here and yep, Onyinye of Modavracha is still on this list! I've met some other interesting bloggers too, they didn't make my list last year, but I've fallen in love with them in the past year.

My fave bloggers in no particular order.....


Onyinye is a style and fashion blogger, and she is a doctor too. I've known her since my secondary school days in F.G.G.C Umuahia, I don't if she knows me (I was her junior in school). Thanks to Intagram and facebook and twitter, I got to connect with her again.
Her blog posts ranges from product reviews, to travels, down to her personal fashion, and I never tire of reading whatever she posts on her blog. I still find it difficult commenting on her posts, but I try to comment every now and then. You ever seen a fashion blogger/doctor? well here is one, and I have another one for you too.


Meet Cassandra Ikegbune a medical doctor too!
From what I have noticed from her blog posts and Instagram page, Cassie loves denim/jeans outfits, and most times she gives this vintage blogger vibe, other times she's giving the street style vibe. I haven't really placed her vibe yet, if you need all them old school kinda style, then you should head over to her blog, plus she does a lot of giveaways too! Plus she looks great in mom shorts too! Cassie made this blog planner every blogger should have, and its so creative you won't have bloggers block anytime soon.


Not only is she the owner of her blog, she has a footwear line, that is, sandals and slippers. GAFASandals. She is a full-time Korean lover, if you know any Korean romantic guy, please hook her up already! Grace of My style diary is currently on a collaboration with Jumia, you can read all about it on her blog. I learnt my editing from her (she has no idea). She is the full package of a fashion blogger. Did I mention she doesn't joke with her food? Guess I just did.

I have other bloggers I stalk, but I have not done a full survey on them, so I can't really write about them. So y'all, these beautiful, hardworking, interesting ladies are my fave fashion bloggers.

I hope you enjoy every bit of this post, and I'd love to know your thoughts in the comment section.


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